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Keita Sagaki – Doodle Dude

July 14th, 2014  |  Published in ARTS, FEATURE

“The concept of my creation is the borderless relationship between ‘whole and part’”. – Keita Sagaki |

One hallmark of Takanori Aiba’s work is having big detail in a tiny space. The day I came across Aiba, I happened upon two websites (1) all-that-is-interesting.com and (2) thisiscolossal.com. Here, I was introduced to the work of one of Aiba’s compatriots, Keita Sagaki, who like Aiba, produces incredibly detailed, mind blowing works of art.

A key difference between the two contemporaries is that while Aiba’s attention these days is towards sculptures, Sagaki’s focus is on illustrations. I do recall, though, that years ago when Aiba worked as a maze illustrator, he once took the classic Mona Lisa and used the image as a frame for one of his mazes. The intention was to give the viewer a different perspective on (a) ridiculously complex mazes, (b) a classic work of art, and (c) what it means to bring two things that aren’t commonly found in the same place. Sagaki also recreates famous works of art in his own special way. And he has a take on the Mona Lisa as well.

When you look at one of his pieces from a distance, you might recognize the image as something famous and familiar. Look closer and you will see a brilliant application of gestalt principles — an entire drawing is made up of countless cartoon doodles carefully arranged and coloured in such a way to demonstrate lighting and texture. Not only that, illustrations are 100% improvised! Sagaki takes high art and irreverently blends it with humour making for what is truly unique and unforgettable.

Gaze upon these masterpieces found on the thisiscolossal and all-that-is-interesting websites. You can check out Sagaki’s portfolio on his site which dates back to 2004.

If you are interested in purchasing an original Sakaki, you do so through the contemporary art gallery CASHI. Here is their site and their contact is info@cashi.jp

The Mona Lisa (4)
Keita, Sagaki - Mona Lisa 1 thisiscolossal.com

Keita, Sagaki - Mona Lisa 2 allthatisinteresting.com

Keita, Sagaki - Mona Lisa 2 thisiscolossal.com

Keita, Sagaki - Mona Lisa magnified 3 thisiscolossal.com

The Great Wave off Kanagawa (2)
Keita, Sagaki - the wave

Keita, Sagaki - the wave magnified

The Last Supper (4)
Keita, Sagaki - The Last Supper

Keita, Sagaki - The Last Supper magnified

Keita, Sagaki - The Last Supper magnified 3

Keita, Sagaki - The Last Supper magnified 2

The Statue of Liberty (2)
Statue of Liberty - Sagaki, Keita

Statue of Liberty - Sagaki, Keita magnified

Staying with the theme of fine detail you will definitely want to know about Ben Sack’s extraordinary three-dimensional drawings of infinite urban landscapes.


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