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MAMM – The Anti-versary

July 23rd, 2014  |  Published in FASHION, FILM & MUSIC, FEATURE

The Anti-versary MAMM 2011 3

In August 2011, Aaron Au of Titlecard Pictures and Kevin Li of Little Ram Media teamed up to take on the Mighty Asian Moviemaking Marathon (MAMM). They won.

Although they could have used 10 days, Au and Li only needed 4 to create their script (which was built around their assigned topic “anniversaries”), recruit actors, choose locations, shoot scenes, and edit footage. Rumour has it they also slept a minute or two!

The story is based on a human tendency to save things, sometimes days, maybe even years, for just the right moment. It was inspired by an event in Li’s life when he received a chocolate bar from a friend and it was so special that he wouldn’t touch it, resisted every urge to eat it, till the day came when he would finally have some — and when he did, it kind of sucked.

What does it mean to save? What does it mean to just do it? Why do we do the things we do?

The Anti-versary tugs at our sentimental side and has us ponder life, death, commitment, and going along with your friend and not being a dick when something means a lot to them.

This year the MAMM films will be screened on August 23 at International Village and will be followed by a party held at one of Vancouver’s more enjoyable drinking establishments. Talk to one of the volunteers the day of. Tickets sell on August 9.

The Anti-versary is included in the National Screen Institute’s database of films. You can watch others here. Films are anywhere from less than a minute to twenty.

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