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August 29th, 2014  |  Published in ARTS, FEATURE

muji 3 phillips.blogs.com

A friend posted a story from Vancity Buzz today about Japanese consumer goods retailer MUJI entering the Canadian market. “MUJI” derived from “Mujirushi Ryohin” which translates as “no-brand quality goods” will begin their Canadian operations with Toronto in mid-December 2014. Vancouver is sure to follow making this big news for anyone here who likes creative, well-designed, well-made products with zero brand-labelling.

muji 5I have only seen a small sample of MUJI merchandise, but what I have seen is enough to convince me they really know what they are doing. After reading both the Vancity Buzz article and one from the Globe and Mail, I thought I would do more research and see what else MUJI has to offer. Below is some interesting stuff I came upon.

Wind-up Shredder
windup shredder muji

Heat Reactive Mug – Pour warm liquid and watch the city light up!
heat reactive cityscape mug muji

Checklist Rubber Stamp

See-Through Playing Cards
clear playing cards muji

City in a Bag – New York
new york blocks

City in a Bag – Kyoto
kyoto blocks

Mini Pencil Crayons
coloured pencils 2

Penguin Bowling Set
penguin bowling set

LEGO Hole Punch
LEGO hole punch

muji lego hole punch 1 makezine.com

For more information on how the hole punch works you can go here for a video and illustrations.

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