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September 1st, 2014  |  Published in FASHION, FILM & MUSIC

Scandal Baby Live

スキャンダル (SCANDAL) is an all-female pop-rock band from Osaka formed in 2006 when the girls were still in high-school. The quartet started out with street performances and weekend shows at Osaka Castle Park. Recognition followed and they were eventually playing clubs around the city. The group has since risen to stardom and their music has been featured as the theme songs for several anime series including Pokemon, Full Metal Alchemist, and Bleach.

Scandal 9The band name comes from where they used to practice: a building that happened to be full of adult shops. In determining what they would be called, one day they did what so many other bands have done: looked to something random nearby to themselves after.  That meant a sign. And on it: “SCANDAL.“

The group is a contrast to what I have historically associated with female rock musicians. There’s no runny make-up, screeching vocals or grungy clothes that come with being fuming mad about something. Not that there’s anything really wrong with that either. It’s just that it’s nice to know there’s another game in town where the band members are made pretty, the hair is nice, the makeup isn`t messy, the dresses aren`t torn, and there`s still the electric guitars, bass, and drums necessary for the girls to rock out.

Below are links to videos. Click on the titles in red for Romanized lyrics and translations.

会わないつもりの、元気でね (Awanaitsumorino, Genkidene)
(I don’t plan on seeing you. Take care.)

会わないつもりの、元気でね LIVE (Awanaitsumorino, Genkidene) (I don’t plan on seeing you. Take care.)


Photo Credit: DualSHOCKERS

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