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Vancouver – Value Eats – Golden Wheat Bakery – Chinatown

September 14th, 2014  |  Published in FEATURE, FOOD


Between East Hastings Street and East Pender Street runs Gore Avenue where one will find the second best thing about Vancouver’s Chinatown after New Town Bakery: Golden Wheat Bakery. A lot of people know about New Town, but Golden Wheat is a lesser known gem offering tasty, cheap food for awesome value.

For $2.50, yes, two dollars and fifty cents–and that’s flat, no tricks, i.e. taxes–you can get a large portion of house-made rice noodles with meat and green onion mixed in and a small but perfect sized side of sweet soy sauce you dump into the container for added flavour. Sometimes the noodles have a chewier texture, otherwise, it’s similar to the soft, steamed noodle feeling you get with cheong-fun

Golden Wheat doesn’t sell just these rice noodles. They also do “lo bak go” (turnip cake), taro cake slices (two good sized pieces for $2.50), chow mein, sticky rice, and a variety of pastries and buns.

There’s a chance you could get served by the less than friendly, younger lady. She’ll serve you, but don’t come here expecting a smile from her.

Leave your plastic at home. Cash only.

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