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November 13th, 2014  |  Published in ARTS, FEATURE


Since 2005, on select Fridays, the Vancouver Art Gallery has held a party for adults only. Ah! The sweet sense of no screaming children. Alcohol is served, live performances take place in the Gallery spaces, DJs perform, eclectic Gallery tours are held, and unexpected surprises make FUSE Vancouver’s favourite see–and–be–seen event.

This Friday, November 14, the Vancouver Art Gallery is holding their next FUSE event entitled REVOLUTION COUNTER REVOLUTION. It is inspired, in part, by their recently launched exhibit the Forbidden City and it has much to do with their newly created Institute of Asian Art, which celebrates the talents of Asian artists living in China and throughout the world.

With the Forbidden City, the Institute of Asian Art and events like REVOLUTION COUNTER REVOLUTION, the Gallery has taken the next step in its role as a cultural leader of the city.

In its report on the Institute, the Gallery wrote, “Responding to the rich cultural mix that our city and province offers, the Gallery is now ready to reflect, in a more significant and visible manner in our programs, the strong connections between British Columbia and China.”

Vancouver is unique in that it has been shaped, arguably moreso than any other city in the western world, by immigration and money flows from Asia, in particular, regions with Chinese populations. As these populations have increased their presence and sway in the city, the Gallery has now adapted to market shifts and a calling for diversity. With a new gallery near BC place coming in the near future, I couldn’t be more ecstatic about the Vancouver Art Gallery and the positive change that is coming to Vancouver and the world.

Have a look at the program below and, if you’re interested, come out on Friday!


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