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Marry Me – Kyle Hanagami & Koharu Sugawara

July 26th, 2015  |  Published in FASHION, FILM & MUSIC, FEATURE

| It’s mid-summer and for many of us that means wedding season, a time when we celebrate the union between two people we hold dearest, or some relative we’ve sort of met and that person they met that time.

58132722071514 Mcdonald Selznick Associates (Image Credit – Mcdonald Selznick Associates) Kyle Hanagami is an acclaimed choreographer based in Los Angeles. He has toured the world over providing his guidance and performing before audiences that never knew the body could move like that when charged by the power of a good song.

Enjoy his “Marry Me” video and take notes. Nothing makes an unforgettable proposal like learning how to dance and blowing the doors open with a well put-together routine. And if you can’t dance, there’s always cake or scavenger hunt or something.

“Magic becomes art when it has nothing to hide.” I love this quote. I firmly believe that magic exists in everyday life. Not like crazy Chris Angel magic, but simple magic, like love. This piece is about more than just moves. It’s about finding love in your movement and in your life. Congratulations to Keone & Mari on your wedding and to Shoji & Sayaka on your engagement. Life is about finding that one person to share it with and you guys have found it. Best wishes.” – Kyle Hanagami

Choreography by Kyle Hanagami & Koharu Sugawara

– Yoyogi Park | Tokyo, Japan
– The Hip Drop | Malmö, Sweden
– Urban Dance Camp | Lörrach, Germany

Music: “Marry Me (First Dance Mix)” by Train

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