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Cube House – Nagoya, Japan

June 25th, 2014  |  Published in ARCHITECTURE, HOME & GARDEN, FEATURE

Nagoya - Cube House 1
おはようございます!- Yuriko Ninomiya greets the day from her third story bedroom as her husband opens up the door to their store and gallery below.

One of my favourite sites is dwell.com, an architectural design publication. I recently came upon this home and thought I would share.

Situated in Nagoya, Japan’s fourth largest urban area, this is the creation of Makoto Tanijiri. It triples as an art gallery, flower shop, and home for Yurika Ninomiya and her husband Takuya.

At first I hated that it looked like the house had little exposure to light, but then realized that it was open on the other side and that this is not much different from apartment living. Nonetheless, can’t say I like the disproportionately solid front that, at least when approaching it, would feel like walking into some kind of prison.


The bedroom and bathroom share a glass wall. Not sure why a person would want that wall to be glass…


A neat feature, though, is the addition of a teahouse which shares space with an additional gallery. There wasn’t a very good picture of it on the site, but there was one of this stylish lamp.


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