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Harper’s Bazaar – Li Bingbing 2010 & 2012

June 27th, 2014  |  Published in FASHION, FILM & MUSIC

In my search for pictures of celebrities wearing bright red lipstick for the article “5 Stylish Photos – Red,” I came across two issues of Bazaar featuring Chinese actress Li Bingbing.

Two different settings for the photo shoots, both offering intriguing scenarios. We’ll look at them, here.

Both portray the leisurely lifestyle of Bingbing as a member of high society. The first images from July 2012 place the model as a spectator/participant in outdoor activities fencing and archery. Dressed in everyday couture fashion, we glimpse at a day in the life of the elite.

Li Bing Bing for Harper’s Bazaar China July 2012  photographed by Feng Hai

Li Bingbing Bazaar July 2012

Li-Bing-Bing-Harpers-Bazaar-China-July 2012


In the October 2010 issue, we take another look at casual life of the wealthy and powerful. The feeling is the 1930s. First, we observe the lady with her tutor and servants during her calligraphy class. Then, it’s her arrival at the port of an exotic land with her servant in tow. Last, returning from a walk in the gardens, her tea is prepared for the afternoon.


oct 2010 bazaar li bingbing 4



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