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Featured Phrases

| These are words we didn’t know before we started this site that we got from Merriam Webster’s Word of the Day feature. There’s a lot! But that’s ok. We know them now. Thanks for being around, Merriam Webster! ========================================================================================== daedal \DEE-dul\ – adjective 1 a: skillfull, artistic 1 b: intricate 2: adorned with many […]


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gallimaufry \gal-uh-MAW-free\ - noun

a heterogeneous mixture : jumble

The essay collection covers a gallimaufry of subjects, from stamp collecting to Portuguese cooking.

"Upon entering the gallery, one of the first things that catches my eye is a gallimaufry of vibrant, oversized collages."
— Rosalie Spear, The Las Vegas Weekly, 29 Mar. 2016