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Terrace Farming

June 26th, 2014  |  Published in TRAVEL

After I wrote an article on the Amalfi Coast and learning about their Limoncillo industry, I thought I would look at terrace farming in more depth.

Not only is farming by way of terraces an effective form of production, it is also a visual wonder.

When I lived in Korea, I remember visiting the Boseong green tea plantations. Although it looked better in the pictures, I still have fantasies of visiting other areas of the world like the Amalfi Coast where terraces are used extensively to grow food.

This article is less textbook lesson more eye candy, the terraces as a tourist point and escape from the nonsense that can happen in a given work week. Check out the pictures below and think of that day when you can leave the office and not relive what happened at 4:45 last Friday. Really? 4:45?

Terrace Farming - Rice - Guilin, China

Terrace Farming, China

Terrace Farming - Rice - Japan

Korea, Boseong Green Tea Plantation
Terrace Farming - Green Tea - Boseong, Korea

Vietnam, Bac Son Valley
bac son valley, www.vietnamtourism.org.vn

Ancient Inca
Terrace Farming, Inca Civilization

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