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Cliffs Impasse – Senneville-sur-Fécamp, France

April 1st, 2015  |  by  |  published in ARCHITECTURE, HOME & GARDEN, FEATURE | Comments Off on Cliffs Impasse – Senneville-sur-Fécamp, France

Cliffs Impasse – Senneville-sur-Fécamp, France

| “At the end of an impasse, on top of a cliff, at the end of the world. What better place to escape from the world, to create a space that allows thoughts to run wild?” — Antonin Ziegler, Architect | Image Credits – Antonin Ziegler There’s a rural region in northern France on the […]

(Super) Mario Balotelli

July 1st, 2014  |  by  |  published in SOCIAL SCIENCES | Comments Off on (Super) Mario Balotelli

(Super) Mario Balotelli

In August 2013, I was in the library and came upon an issue of Sports Illustrated with an intriguing cover. It had a man with arms stretched out. That’s not the interesting part. Below said arms were two columns of carefully placed and carefully worded phrases: He is Italian/He is African. The face of AC […]

Italy – Amalfi Coast

June 26th, 2014  |  by  |  published in TRAVEL | Comments Off on Italy – Amalfi Coast

Italy – Amalfi Coast

One day I was daydreaming at work and that led me to a number of tourism searches that did not involve thriving metropolises. This brought me to the Amalfi Coast. The Amalfi Coast (Costiera Amalfitana), rests in the southern Italian province of Salermo (Provincia di Salerno), in the region of Campania, the second most populous […]


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