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Kuala Lumpur – Value Eats – The Samosa

January 26th, 2017  |  Published in FEATURE, FOOD

| STAFF – I recently returned from a trip to Southeast Asia where I sought to compare way of life there and in Vancouver within the context of intercultural relations and whatever else. My first stop was Kuala Lumpur, which locals call “KL.” One afternoon I walked into what I thought was an interesting fusion restaurant. It was expected to be Indian and Mexican. But your options were one or the other; the twain did not meet. So I moved on and on another day of blistering heat — it’s hard to just talk about a Malaysian city without addressing weather — I thought I’d take a random stroll behind the Holiday Inn near Hang Tuah station. To my pleasant surprise, I found a lively, bustling, market where I would discover samosas I can’t find in Vancouver. It’s all in the pastry.

The skin was thinner, crispier, lighter, more moist and better than what most of us know a samosa to be here, which is also good in its own right mind you, just not as good as those in KL in this writer’s opinion.

The pastry here has a kind of dryness to it even though the samosas are presumably fried (because they still turn a paper bag translucent). The closest comparison I can think of is McDonald’s pies of today which are baked versus pies of the past that were deep fried.

If any Vancouver restaurateurs are seeing this: let’s get some diversity in the samosa scene, hm? Change up that pastry!

By the way, cost: 1 ringgit each (approx. 30 cents). Good luck trying to eat just one!

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