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Singapore Cares – Signs

January 31st, 2017  |  Published in FEATURE, TRAVEL

| STAFF – Singapore is the poster child for economic miracles. Once part of Malaysia, ideological differences led to separation in 1965 and the two embarked on two very different growth paths with Singapore vastly outpacing the hinterland (not to mention many other nations) by leaps and bounds in numerous economic categories.

As I wandered about the city, I wondered how this Little Red Dot could do so much with so little, I started thinking about all the signage I would come across. Throughout town you will see all kinds of signs either encouraging nice behavior or providing directions that help people avoid problems like getting lost or injured. Locals may find them all excessive, but this tourist appreciated the consideration. While there are obviously many reasons Singapore has done well, I think these signs have had something to do with it.

Though I usually didn’t need the signs (debatable), I loved that Singapore cares enough to have them just in case someone might. Whether there is an actual caring element or if this is just a smart proactive measure to pre-empt problems like out-of-control medical costs or both, this writer doesn’t really care what the reasoning is. He likes the practice and wishes other countries did the same. Here are some examples (below).

By the way “teleport” means the same to a Singaporean as it does to someone who isn’t. That’s a sticker.

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