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Your Kontinent Festival – Fly Me to Minami (2013)

March 19th, 2014  |  Published in FASHION, FILM & MUSIC

Your Kontinent

The Your Kontinent Film & Media Arts Festival (July 17-26, 2014) in Richmond is one of my favorite times of the year. I admire its willingness to experiment and go beyond the typical format of watching the film and — the end.

Your Kontinent is a multimedia experience that brings together artists of all kinds and showcases their talents conveniently in one place – Minoru Plaza. This year, in addition to the films, there is the Digital Carnival (“part outdoor concert and part multimedia light show”), the Art in Containers exhibits, a  Screen Bite event that combines a food and film-going experience, not to mention Featured Artist, internationally recognized artist of the mind, Vjeko Sager, who will construct his diviNation Tower, the festival’s centrepiece, from where he will live for several days, create his mind-bending art, and transmit it to the world (http://ykfestival.ca/event/divination-tower/).

Getting to films, I looked at the synopses and trailers for 3 and I am eager to see all of them. In particular,  Chinese-Malaysian, Osaka-based filmmaker Kah-Wai Lim’s Fly Me to Minami caught my attention as his feature involves a key interest of mine: the Asian diaspora and migration stories.

Here’s the writeup from the Your Kontinent site. Note all the different languages used for this film. – http://ykfestival.ca/event/fly-me-to-minami/

Japan/Hong Kong/Korea • 2013 • Drama • 106mins

Director: Lim Kah Wai

Language: Japanese/Cantonese/Korean/English with English subtitles

Recognized as the “Cinema Drifter,” Osaka based Chinese-Malaysian filmmaker Lim Kah Wai is known for his trans-national nomadic lifestyle and filmmaking. In Fly Me to Minami, his fourth feature film and follow-up to his Stateless Trilogy, two transnational love stories intersect. The first of these stories is between Sherine, a fashion magazine editor from Hong Kong, and Tatsuya, an amateur photographer in Osaka. The second is between Seol-a, a Korean flight attendant, and Shinsuke, a married Korean-Japanese shopkeeper in Osaka’s Korea Town.

The other two films of interest are:

Rent a Family Inc. – a documentary about the Japanese who rent strangers to play roles in their lives in an attempt to manage (cover up) their secrets. – http://ykfestival.ca/event/rent-a-family-inc/

Behind the Camera, a mockumentary about a director who attempts to direct his cast and crew from abroad. Features a number of hallyu stars. – http://ykfestival.ca/event/behind-the-camera/

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