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Yuna – Crush ft. Usher

| STAFF – “Crush” is a February 2016 release from Malaysian singer-songwriter superstar Yuna and features American RnB icon, Usher. The song is gentle, takes its time, a slow-moving back and forth between the two artists. I’ve been looping this for the past hour, and late to the party by about a year, that’s fine. […]

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Ricepaper Magazine – Call for Submissions: Time and Space

| STAFF – Reproduced from our friends at Ricepaper Magazine | In our latest submission call, we invite you to speak about time and space. Together, they create the universe. And as abstract as the formation may be, we strive for straightforward explanations. Yet from a human perspective—far removed from detailed descriptions of the cosmos—time […]

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Singapore Cares – Signs

| STAFF – Singapore is the poster child for economic miracles. Once part of Malaysia, ideological differences led to separation in 1965 and the two embarked on two very different growth paths with Singapore vastly outpacing the hinterland (not to mention many other nations) by leaps and bounds in numerous economic categories. As I wandered […]

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Black and White – Go Soo (고수)

| One of our visitors sent in some black and white photos of Go Soo (고수) that caught their eye. They thought they might catch ours and they did. We thought they might catch yours, so here they are. Questions or comments: [email protected] Like us on Facebook: facebook.com/sharedinterests Follow us on Twitter: twitter.com/interestsshared

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Spitz – Gerbera, Mikazuki Rock (2002)

| STAFF – In 2002, bricks and mortar music stores were not extinct. In what used to be the original Metrotown Mall there was a specialty shop called POLY that marketed Asian media exports. It was here that I learned about a prolific rock band from Japan called Spitz and a song called Gerbera (ガーベラ), […]

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Hanoi – Value Eats – Sticky Rice Bowls

| STAFF – Hanoi is many things. Search online and you’ll find lists upon lists of positive, often superlative, descriptors. To me, I’ll say it’s my favorite city in Southeast Asia and one of the reasons is its cheap, high-quality food. At an eatery called Xoi Yen, near the pleasant and value-for-money lodgings play Golden […]

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Ricepaper Magazine & Talkrice Travel Series

| STAFF – Started in 1994, Ricepaper Magazine is a Canadian literary outfit based in Vancouver and the longest running organization in the country dedicated to the promotion of Asian Canadian literature, culture, and arts. While it showcases Asian Canadian content and has historically dedicated its efforts to all things this, its team today recognizes […]

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Kuala Lumpur – Value Eats – The Samosa

| STAFF – I recently returned from a trip to Southeast Asia where I sought to compare way of life there and in Vancouver within the context of intercultural relations and whatever else. My first stop was Kuala Lumpur, which locals call “KL.” One afternoon I walked into what I thought was an interesting fusion […]

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Featured Phrases

| These are words we didn’t know before we started this site that we got from Merriam Webster’s Word of the Day feature. There’s a lot! But that’s ok. We know them now. Thanks for being around, Merriam Webster! ========================================================================================== daedal \DEE-dul\ – adjective 1 a: skillfull, artistic 1 b: intricate 2: adorned with many […]

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MidiStar, Music, Humans and the Brain

  | A while back, in a talk I had with a friend, I brought up how peculiar it is that humans derive energy from very specific, mathematically linked arrangements of sound and movement. How is it that we enjoy one sequence of sounds in a given song yet are unnerved by a different series […]

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