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Role Models – Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh

May 2nd, 2015  |  Published in FEATURE, SOCIAL SCIENCES

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| “This is a different kind of currency much more valuable than money.” — Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh |

A lot of us associate plastic surgery with frivolous stories from the entertainment industry. At times, we find it in useful tales like that of nine year old burn victim Ragini.

In a 5 minute instalment for National Geographic’s Short Film Showcase, blue chalk takes us to Varanasi, India where Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh, Director of GS Memorial Hospital pours his heart out to give patients a chance to live a life the majority take for granted. Through GS Memorial Hospital’s treatment children are given a new lease on life vaulted from outcast to productive member of society for years to come!

20150502 Dr. Subodh Kumar Singh 580% of the patients treated at GS Memorial Hospital are done so at no charge. “Working at this hospital I may not earn a lot of money. But — I earn a lot of love.” defends Dr. Singh.

A reminder that, despite the inhumanity we hear about, there are people making a positive difference in this world and there is science being used as a force for good. Check out the video below.

Warning: Audiences may find some of these images disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.


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