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Japan – Yasugi, Adachi Museum of Art, the Gardens

February 21st, 2015  |  Published in FEATURE, TRAVEL

In my ongoing search for peaceful places on Earth, tonight’s search for “famous rock garden japan” revealed that in Shimane, Japan’s second least populous prefecture, there is a city with a population of 42,000 called Yasugi. There, one will find Adachi Museum of Art with its celebrated gardens that have offered tranquility since the 70s. I gathered some of the better quality photos of the gardens on the web. Have a look and feel free to re-visit for a break from all that hustle and bustle.

Photo Credits (in order) – Suzanne Bhagan (3), k-kabegami.sakura.ne.jp, Pale Blue on panoramio.com, Wiki (2), Atsushi on panoramio.com, Wiki, Robert Ketchell, Joseph Johnson, Wiki


hotfootrini.blogspot.ca 2

hotfootrini.blogspot.ca 3

11 httpk-kabegami.sakura.ne.jp

panoramio.com pale blue


wiki Adachi_Museum_of_Art_Garden_03

16430103 atsushi_satsushi_s panoramio.com

wiki - Adachi_Museum_of_Art_Garden_02

Adachi 0046 Robert Ketchell's

Another Perfect View

wiki Adachi_Museum_of_Art_Garden

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