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Dwell 100 – Chichibu Mountains, Japan

February 19th, 2015  |  Published in ARCHITECTURE, HOME & GARDEN, FEATURE

Dwell.com published a top 100 that looks at the most popular living spaces written about over their 12 year history. I thought I would go through and share with a bit of my take on some, maybe all. I don’t know what order these are in and which ended up being THE most popular. Maybe I missed something. Or maybe there wasn`t meant to be a specific ranking for each entry anyway.

kobayashi-residence-exterior-portraitSetsumasa and Mami Kobayashi are nature enthusiasts and founders of their outdoor products company “…….Research.” (Yes, the dots are part of the name).

2.5 hours outside of Tokyo in the Chichibu mountains, the Kobayashis have a getaway where they can test out new gear and hang-out with their dog and friends in the environment they are most comfortable with. There’s a solar panel to provide power, an indoor climbing wall, and two large sleeping tents: one on the deck and another atop the main building which can be entered from its bottom via a ladder. Talking about the project photographer Dean Kaufman noted how it reminded him of the Farnsworth House built for prominent nephrologist (kidneys) Edith Farnsworth in the mid-1900s who wanted a getaway of her own. The latter is a National Historic Landmark and considered a masterpiece of the International Style of architecture.

I’m not really one for roughing it, but for mountain-types I figure this could be some kind of heaven.









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